Extraction of predefined values for use in xml files

Some tags in the different xml files have predefined values.

The URL's must NOT be implemented directly into realtime dynamic systems (creating adverts live and fetching the values directly). They are ment for downloading the values locally and letting be values be fetched from your own system.


Access these values through the following URL and adjust with different parameters.


Example for estate development project xml:



Example for Realestate xml: 


The list contains attributes for all ad types within real estate. Which atributes are permitted will differ from ad type to ad type (i.e. Fritidsbolig til salgs and Bolig til salgs).


The full overview of ad types and corresponding property types.

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Example for car xml:




Example for threshing machine xml:



Example for job xml:

New URL for fetching predefined values for Job ads

The FINN.no system for letting users and external Job systems fetch predefined values for some of the fields in the XML (such as DURATION, OCCUPATION and INDUSTRY) was old and outdated.  

Example of the old URL is http://www.finn.no/finn/referencevalue?adType=JOB&xmlCode=DURATION


We have made a new URL for this : https://www.finn.no/job/v1/referencevalue/


An example for DURATION values would look like this : 



The new API has an identical interface, so the clients only need to change the URL in their configuration, but migrating to it will bring lots of opportunities.


While maintaining backward compatibility, we are adding one long awaited feature to the API. 

So far clients had to retrieve OCCUPATION/GENERAL and OCCUPATION/SPECIALIZATION values in separate calls. 

By calling the new endpoint with parameter OCCUPATION, they will receive everything together, with specializations nested under the general values.

A more detailed specification of the endpoint is available at: https://www.finn.no/job/v1/referencevalue/documentation

In addition, the new endpoint will soon provide even more job-specific features, such as:

  • JSON format in addition to XML
  • More selectable fields related to FINN products


Examples for Torget markedplace






third level



What  HTML codes we allow and where they can be used 




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