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Policies for flight suppliers on FINN Travel  Prices

Oppdatering av brukervilkår 25.09.2019


  • Prices shown on FINN.no must be bookable and represent the genuine price for the user, and thus the price is relevant for the majority of the customers, and easy for the customer to identify through the booking process.

  • Additional charges for extra services i.e baggage or insurance must be marked clearly, and the terms and conditions are clear and not misleading.

  • At least one payment option has to be free of charge. This payment option must be a common card or common payment solution. 
    • For the Norwegian consumer we accept: BankAxept, Mastercard credit, VISA debit, VIPPS, Trustly,  KLARNA pay now or invoice.  
    • For the Swedish consumer we accept: BankAxept, Mastercard credit, VISA debit, SWISH, Trustly and KLARNA pay now or invoice. 
  • When charging consumers for paying by credit card (or other means of payment), the following applies:


  • For bookings under 10 000 NOK: the fee can not be more than 4% of the booking price 
  • For bookings between 10 000 and 20 000 NOK: the fee can not be more than 400 NOK
  • For bookings over 20 000 NOK: the fee can not be more than 2% of the booking price



  • Partners undertake to provide support and assistance to users when orders has been placed.
    • Adequate customer service support has to be offered the users, and email sent by user should receive a response from the customer service within two working days.
    • When problems occur on the partners side  that affects the user experience and conversions, they must give FINN.no notice.

FINN.no will deactivate and inform the supplier if they are not in compliance with the policy. FINN.no reserves the right to modify the policies as, and when, we see fit.

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