Panoramic /virtual viewing image in Realestate ads

The tag is called :


<VIRTUAL_VIEWING_URL> and you can send an URL to the image in this tag. The tag is available in the latest Realestate DTD.




Only these providers of virtual viewing are allowed : 


Imageday / pixxip.no

Superoh Shots

Image Desktours

Kuula.co / Robert Rudnik Fotograftjenester

Pannomax Studio



Can I buy a gallery display or other extra products with xml?
Extra products as gallery display etc is not supported in the xml files


Can I add NAF test for cars?
NAF test for cars is not supported in the xml files


How do I set a specific order on the pictures?
You can send several images to the ad and set a specific order on them using PRIORITY. PRIORITY=1 will be the first picture in the ad.

For example like this:
<MO REF="test.jpg" PRIORITY="1" VERSIONID="1" MMO_TYPE="image" REMOVE="no">Utsikt</MO>
<MO REF="test.jpg" PRIORITY="2" VERSIONID="1" MMO_TYPE="image" REMOVE="no">Fasade</MO>
<MO REF="test.jpg" PRIORITY="3" VERSIONID="1" MMO_TYPE="image" REMOVE="no">interiør</MO>

If you are not sure how the MMO file should look like you will find a zip file with the example under the article DTD & example XML files.

Optimal image size is 1600x1600 px


Do I need to use PRIORITY when sending logo to my job vacancies?

No. PRIORITY only works with MMO_TYPE="image" 

Which tag is used for the reference on the invoice?

The tag <USER_REFERENCE> is used for a reference on the invoice and also in the advert on the web for some ad types. 

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