Partnerløsning/ iframe has two solutions to show your existing ads on your own website.

You need to have a partner agreement with FINN to use these. 


1. Partnerløsning (iFrame)

This solution includes:

• Lists for all ads per category
• Search and Sort the result page

Partnerløsning (PAL/ iframe) is an easy way to show your ads on your own website. You can implement a link or iFrame to show the ads. 
It's not possible to do any changes to the design. (If you want your own design you must choose API)


Example : 




2. API

Our API is a interfaces that gives access to a search, sorting and extraction of existing ads on FINN. Access to the API gives you the possibility to create your own applications from the data you have on FINN.

This is the same API as use. This means that in addition to data you will get the same performance, respons time and error corrections as FINN.

Read more about the API here:

Technical information:


Do want to access?

These products cost money so you must contact your sales person in FINN. If you don't know how this is you can contact our customer service on phone +47 22 86 44 10 or email (for faster reply please include the company name and what product you want) 



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