DTD & example XML files

The DTDs explains what xml tags that must be used in the different ad type xmls. This page contains example files for most of the ad types. 

All DTDs can be found here: https://www.iad.no/dtd/



Real Estate

FINN have renewed the Projects for sale ads (ESTATE DEVELOPMENT PROJECTDATA and ESTATE PROJECT UNIT) More information about progress together with all information on DTDs, example files and a visual guide can be found here

The area codes for countries outside Norway for LEISURE SALE can be found in the document "areas_abroad.xls" at the bottom of the page.





  • How to stop an ad. The DTD can be found here
  • How to mark an ad as sold and send salesinfo : SOLD INFO
  • Ad and traffic statistics can either be accessed from a statistics html page in the response for each posted ad or some more simple statistics from our statistics API here : Statistics_API

MMO (uploading images, and other multimedia attachments)

How to add pictures and other multimedia objects to adverts using the MMO xml.

You must refer to the names of the image files and define what kind of files you send. Then zip the picture/image files and xml file into a zip folder and transfer it. You can find an example at the bottom of the page. The file is called "IADIF_mmo22_example.zip". (the latest MMO DTD is mmo24.dtd)

Optimal image size is 1600 x 1600 px

The latest DTD can be found here


What  HTML codes we allow in the xml/adverts and where they can be used 



Travel/ holiday rentals 

contact FINN reise


Terms of service 

All companies who setup an integration with FINN.no also automatically agrees to the terms of service FINN.no has. 

The terms of service can be found (and downloaded/read) as attachments at the bottom of this page.


Both in Norwegian and English. 


Below you can find zip files which contains both DTDs and example xml files for the different ad types.

If you are missing any files please contact us here

PS: We can not grant that all zip files have updated examples for the newest DTD all the time. Just be aware of this.


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