How to get started - Import/ Transfer choices

There are DTD files for each ad type and also separate DTDs for salesinfo, stopping ads, transfer of mulitimedia content (images, logos, dokuments etc).

FINN offers the following choice for transferring files.

  • Http upload (REST)

We have a setup file for that is configured to our test environment. To access our test environment we will need to whitelist the ip addresses you are going to test from. Please add these addresses in your request.


Download "System" on the bottom of this page (also contains setup file for REST (http upload) transfer)



Terms of service

All companies who setup an integration with also automatically agrees to the terms of service has. 

The terms of service can be found (and downloaded/read) as attachments at the bottom of this page. Both in Norwegian and English. 


If you want to get integrated please fill out the form below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


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