How do I place a job vacancy advert?

It is great that you want to use to advertise your job listing. is a self-service site so you'll have to enter the details yourself.  

Go to and chose your region. You'll then need to register as a user on You'll be sent to a page called Schibsted. Register as a New user = Ny Bruker.

When you're done with that go to: and chose your region. Then fill in the form.

Here's what the different fields mean:
Overskrift på annonsen Stillingsbeskrivelse F.eks. kvalifikasjoner, arbeidsoppgaver, betingelser.

Avsnitt 1,2,3, etc = Paragraph 1, 2, 3....

Then click Neste steg (next step)

This section is called “Om stillingen” or about the position. Stillingstittel = Job title Kategori = category. This field denotes which field the job belongs under. For example marketing, IT, Sales etc. There is a main category and a subsidiary category to choose and you can pick two of each. Nøkkelord = key words. You can enter up to five.

Sektor = Sector and applies to the private or public sectors.  
Stillingstype = type of job ie. is it full time (fast), part time (deltid), summer job and so on.
Antall stillinger = number of jobs.
Tiltredelse = Start date
Lønn = Salary

Then click Neste steg - next step once again.

The next section is called Informasjon om firma = information about the company
Arbeidsgiver = Employer
Beliggenhet = Location
Arbeidssted = Work address
Postnr = post code
Land = country - should be Norge
Hjemmeside = Home page
Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter = links to relevant pages if wanted
Informasjon om firma = Information about the company (this is shown as the intro to the ad).

Then click Neste steg - next step once again.

This section is called Søknad og kontaktinfo = application and contact information.
Søknadsfrist = Deadline
Søknad merkes = application to be marked with....
Kontaktperson = Contact name
Tittel = Title
E-post = email
Telefon = telephone

Then click Neste steg - next step once again. T

his section is called Legg inn logo, bilder og video - add logo, photos and video.
Velg filer = choose files

Then click Neste steg - next step once again.

This section is called: Søknad sendes = application to be sent
Here you can choose from the following options: FINNs Søkerhåndtering = FINN's applicant system
Eget nettskjema = Your own web form
Søknad pr. e-post = applications via email (add an email address)
Søknad pr. post = applications via mail (add an address)

Then click Neste steg - next step.

This will take you to a page where you see what you've chosen and you can choose extra profiling of your ad (at added cost).

Click Neste steg - next step
Choose: Jeg har ikke mobil med norsk telefonnummer = I don't have a Norwegian mobile phone number and write where you're based without a Norwegian phone number.

The add will then be sent to our ad control and you can go on to payment.

Choose Faktura i posten= Invoice and fill in the billing details.
Fornavn = first name
Etternavn = Surname
Addresse = address
Postnr = Post code
Poststed = City
Fakturamottaker (regning sendes til) = Who will receive the invoice
Mottaker = recipient - choose either privatperson = private individual or Bedrift = Business.
If you choose a private individual you'll need their Fødselsdato = date of birth and if you choose Bedrift = Business

 Finish off by clicking Send Bestilling = send order. Good luck with your job posting.

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