Information related to import of "Kommer for salg" and "Prosjekter til salgs" on

FINN have since 2019 worked to renew ads within the new construction segment, with launching Coming for sale as an example.

IN 2021-22 we updated Projects for sale-ads to support new design, new components and a new business model.

ALL DTD's for can be found here

New DTD's for FINN Real Estate New Construction (Last update: 07.11.2023)


Export of Leads on New Construction

we have support for exporting leads back to different API's other than those who already are using our import-service to publish ads on FINN. Contact for setting up leads API export.


New construction - Ad lifecycle

On the right hand side we have added a PDF dokument presenting the ad life cycle of new contruction ads.

This document provides an overview on the New construction ad lifecycle, and how that relates
to the commands available for the 3rd party systems to interact with the ads.

Ad Lifecycle

Subscription Model
New construction follows a subscription model where every ad type is renewed (and billed)
every 30 days.

Ad types
KFS - Kommer for salg / coming for sale
PTS - Prosjekt til salgs / project for sale
PTS units - Prosjektenhet / Project unit
ETS - Enkeltenhet / single house
PTSF - Fritidsprosjekt / leisure project
PTSF units - Fritidsprosjekt enhet / leisure project unit

Read more in the PDF dokument -------> "New Contruction - Ad Lifecycle.pdf"




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