Hjerterom - Refugee rental housing

The need for refugee housing will only increase in the time to come and the private rental market will play an important role. Hjerterom - Refugee rental housing makes it easier for private landlords, municipalities and refugees to connect.


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What is Hjerterom - Refugee rental housing?

With Hjerterom - Refugee rental housing we want to make it easier for landlords, municipalities and refugees to connect - and help each other. More municipalities in Norway are settling refugees in the time to come but the lack of adequate housing has become a challenge. This is where we in FINN see a potential for our platform to be of help. That is why we have further developed our Hjerterom service originally created in 2016.

Hjerterom - Refugee rental housing gives people with a rental housing ad the opportunity to make it available for refugees. By doing this the ad will be visible on the regular rental housing page as well as the Hjerterom - Refugee rental housing page.

All Hjerterom - Refugee rental housing ads are grouped on FINN so that they are easy for municipalities and refugees to find. You can read more about refugee housing on IMDi's webpage.

FINN sets aside the equivalent amount of money as the ad costs (price paid per ad minus VAT) throughout April and May 2022 to FINN's Hjerterom Fund. The money is donated to the Red Cross' work to help and integrate refugees who have arrived in Norway.


This is the process when renting out to a refugee:

➔ A municipal employee or the refugee will contact you to start the rental process

➔ The municipality have to approve the accommodation, and the refugee should not sign a contract until the municipality has approved

➔ The municipality or the refugee sign the lease. Husleieloven applies to all tenancies. FINN can help you with a Digital lease

➔ The municipality will in most cases help with the payment of a deposit, or other security such as a municipal guarantee

➔ The refugee pays the rent himself, with benefits from Introduksjonsprogrammet

➔ Long term rentals are desirable

➔ The same requirements for the resident apply as for other rental conditions. The living unit must contain all the main functions, ie sleeping area, living room, bathroom, kitchen. Contact the municipality if you are in doubt about whether your resident is suitable for rent


➔ As far as possible, the municipality makes arrangements for the landlord to meet potential tenants. Like other tenancies, you as a landlord will decide for yourself who you want to rent to

➔ If language is a challenge, the municipality will use an interpreter. Refugees who settle in a municipality will also start Norwegian language training to learn Norwegian

➔ The municipality looks for all types of housing. The rental price must be in accordance with the market price, standard and size

➔ By marking your ad with FINN - Hjerterom, you show that you are open to renting to people who have been granted a residence permit in Norway and need our protection. You still decide for yourself who you want to rent to

This information is quality assured by the Directorate for Integration and Diversity - IMDi.

Do you have more questions about FINN Hjerterom-Bolig for rent? Contact FINN's customer center.

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